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Foldable Anti-theft Chain Lock

Foldable Anti-theft Chain Lock

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Secure your bike with confidence using our Foldable Anti-theft Chain Lock, a compact yet robust solution for bicycle safety. This heavy-duty lock is designed to offer maximum security without compromising on convenience. Its small folded size belies its strength, constructed from high-quality materials to resist cutting, sawing, and smashing. Perfect for cyclists who value both security and portability, this lock combines innovative design with reliable protection.


  1. Compact and Sturdy: Despite its small folded size (4.72 x 2.36 x 1.77 inches), this lock is heavy (735g) and made from PA6 plastic and high-strength steel alloy, providing superior anti-theft protection.

  2. Four-Digit Combination Lock: Offers enhanced security with a 4-digit code, customizable to your preference. The design ensures that accidental password changes are avoided.

  3. Sophisticated Design Elements:

    • Secure bracket attachment to the bike, ensuring no rattling or noise during bumpy rides.
    • PA6 plastic cover to prevent bike scratches and lock corrosion.
    • A gray button that requires pressing after entering the correct code for added security.
  4. Easy Password Reset: Comes with an initial password of 0000 and includes a simple method for setting a new password.

  5. Safety Features:

    • Reflector on the bracket for increased visibility and rider safety at night.
    • The lock's design not only protects the bike but also contributes to rider safety.

Color Options:

  • Orange Key Folding Lock
  • Black Key Folding Lock

After-Sale Service:

  • 3 months no-reason return and exchange policy.
  • Customer support for any inquiries or issues.


  • Provides robust protection against theft.
  • Compact and easy to carry, ideal for regular cyclists.
  • User-friendly with customizable password and easy-to-use locking mechanism.
  • Enhances rider safety with night-time visibility features.

Whether commuting in the city or enjoying a leisurely ride, our Foldable Anti-theft Chain Lock is the perfect blend of security, convenience, and style, ensuring peace of mind for every cyclist.































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